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How Do I Know if I am Cursed?

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Relationship #1

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The Work Your Mojo! Tarot Spread

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How do I know if I am cursed?

Am I cursed?

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A Session of Cowry Shell Divination

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Free Cowry Shell Reading (offsite link)

Basic Obi Abata Divination (offsite link)

Cowry Shell Reading (offsite link)

Divination Using Cowry Shells (offsite link)

African Guidance from Cowry Shells (offsite link)

Chamalongo/Obi/Cowrie Shell Readings (offsite link)


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How to Make a Hoodoo Pendulum (offisite link)

The Spanish Cards http://www.serenapowers.com/spanishcards.html


Hoodoo Divination
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How to Make Predictions Using Dominoes

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How To Read Tea Leaves

How to Read Tea Leaves

Psychic Tea Leaves Readings

Psychic Readings Using Tea Leaves

Reading Tea Leaves

Divination with Playing Cards
(Gypsy Fortunetelling)

You Don't Need the Tarot to Do a Reading - Quick and Easy Answers Using a Regular Playing Card Deck

Divining with Ordinary Playing Cards

Cartomancy Seven Packs Layout; Tarot Reading With Playing Cards

Fortune-Telling With Ordinary Poker Cards

Cartomancy and the Suits - Tarot reading With A Modern Card Deck

Popular Cartomancy Spreads

Card Meanings -- Gyspy Cards --- With Regular Poker Cards

How to Tell Fortunes with Tarot Cards

Gypsy Fortunes: Use the Magic of Romany Cards to Foretell the Future, 2003, Lady Lorelei

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