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Some GYPSY FORTUNETELLERS will do a larger spread when looking for a general outlook for a person. For this method, draw three cards for each of these categories:
Your Family,
Your Friends, What You Expect,
What You Don't Expect, and
The Outcome.

Gypsy Psychic Fortunetelling Spread.

Your client will be amazed how how much you can divine about them!!!

Card one represents the present situation of the person for whom you are reading; their circumstances and mood. Read card two which represents how the person likes to be seen in the outside world; the face they use in public.

Card three which symbolises what the person is hiding, either consciously or unconsciously.
Card four shows what the person wants to do in life and the actions that they should take.
Card five represents how the person feels and how they will attempt to reach their goals.
Card six symbolizes the immediate future of the person.


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