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By Sarah Saxon | Submitted On September 27, 2011

Tea leaves divination is a traditional form of divination that has been around in one form or another for a very long time. In actual fact the practice developed with the reading of the dregs of other drinks even before tea became a popular beverage. The divination from tea leaves works particularly well, however because the leaves leave clear patterns that can be interpreted. The practice of using tea leaves started in china where tea was first made into a drink.

The actual practice of tea leaves divination is very straight forward. You can even make the tea with a tea bag if you want to (just cut the bag open to release the leaves). When the tea is almost finished get the person who is going to have the reading to swirl the cup round a few times to mix up the leaves then put the cup face down on a saucer (you can use a mug and a plate just as well). It is best if you have made the tea in a white cup or mug so the patterns stand out as well as possible. Lift the cup from the saucer (or mug from plate) and look into it to see the pattern that has been left by the leaves.

From this point on the tea leaves divination properly starts. If there is any liquid left in the cup this is generally accepted to mean that something sad or unfortunate will soon occur and if there is no liquid the opposite is true, good news is on the way. After this you need to look at the tea leaves themselves. They could have made themselves into many different shapes. There are many ways of interpreting the leaves but one very popular way is to start by looking to see if there are any numbers. Numbers are usually interpreted to stand for an amount of time. It could be days, weeks, months etc. The significance of the number will become clear when matched with other shapes that you read.

Many shapes may appear, of course. Tea leaves divination is about learning to interpret them. So for example, a ring may stand for a wedding. When next to a number, say 5, you can begin to interpret that there may be a wedding in the space of five months. All the common shapes have traditional meanings that are attached to them, but these can vary. But a candle, for example is usually seen to mean that a new friend will make you happy in some way. And the appearance of a cross means you may have to make some sacrifices. The interpretation is made more complex by the appearance of numbers or letters and multiple shapes. Get yourself a list of the traditional meanings and with practice you will soon be making quite complex interpretations.

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