Texas Hoodoo hoodoo conjure rootwork


Hoodoo Divination

Spirit and Ancestor Tarot Readings

The Destiny Spread
contact a recently departed loved one

Lifting the Veil: An Otherworldly Spread
messages from various guides

Spirit, Make Yourself Known Spread
identifies the spirit and makes its purpose known

Spread for the Haunted
helps you get some basic information about the spirit that's haunting you

Path of the Ancestors
wisdom and blessings from those who came before you

Visiting Spirit Spread
your relationship and the meaning the the spirit that's visiting you

The Hallowed Compass Spread
shaped like a compass, this spread shows the direction you need to go in with regards to the ghost

The Afterlife Communication Spread
questions you might have for the spirit that's attached to you

My Next Incarnation Spread
information about your next life

Death and Grieving Spread
a reading to help you get through the loss of a loved one

Surviving Death and Helping Death

one spread to help the person who has death surrounding them and another spread to help the person who assisting the person with the death surrounding them.

The Spirit Spread
Get in touch with any spirit surrounding you, including Spirit Guides.

The Spirit Guide Spread
If you feel you are guided by a particular spirit, then this spread can be used to directly ask this spirit for guidance. If you feel you are guided by the universal consciousness or God through Tarot, this can also be used for direct guidance.

Ancestor Spread

Message to a Deceased Loved One

 Messages From the Dead

The Haunted House Spread