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Old Gypsy Fortunetelling Cards

Card fronts are numbered 1 thru 36.
Each card has a different name and picture:
1.the sun. 2.the moon. 3. the house. 4. the keys. 5.the sick person. 6.the flowers. 7.the scythe. 8.the pig. 9.the fox. 10.the children. 11.the snake. 12.the rider. 13.the letter. 14.the queen. 15.the king. 16.the lilies. 17.the stork. 18.the ring. 19.clasped hands. 20.the clouds. 21.the dog. 22.the anchor. 23.the mice. 24.the switch. 25.the cloverleaf. 26.the star. 27.the cats. 28.the sword. 29.the flame. 30.the heart. 31.the cupid. 32.the lightening. 33.broken mirror. 34.the train. 35.the bride.
36.the safe.

Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards are a fascinating divination tool with origins tracing back to the old traditional Russian gypsies

The accuracy of the Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards in the hands of a trained, experienced reader is quite good. A reading can be done for absent persons as well. (These are called long distance readings) General readings and specific readings can be done with the Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards, depending on the question at hand. There are a number of gypsy fortunetelling spreads available. As with any divination method, forturnetelliing cards are meant to be a guide and please keep in mind that free will and God's intervention can alter any of the reading results. You are still in control of your destiny.

Sample Gypsy Fortunetelling Reading

Your Gypsy Cards are #8 The Pig and #12

The Rider The Pig tells me that whatever you are going through or whatever your goal is, it will turn out well. It will be successful. So don't fret about it. Have confidence that it will turn out well. The Pig also symbolizes prosperity, so if you have been looking for a raise or getting a job or a refund, then it will happen!

The Rider brings opportunities and chances at things. If something has been stagnating then there will be forward movement on it. So that is good. The card is associated with Gemini, so you'll definitely see something happen in June.

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