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Am I Cursed Spread?

by wildchilde

source http://www.tarotforum.net/showthread.php?t=51224

a yes/no followed by 5 more cards if answer was yes. (I am not that good with yes/no questions so I simply said before drawing any 10s, Death, or Wheel card would be the affirmative. However, I would engourage anyone to use what works best for you in the yes/no determination.)

The spread looked like this:

1: Has querent been cursed? (yes/no) if yes, continue...
2: By Who?
3: Why?
4: Is this current or past life related?
5: What is the curse?
6: What does querent need to do or change to end this curse?

aside from karmic issues, I feel that astrological influences in a person's chart can also create the impression of being 'cursed'...hence the term "born under a bad sign". This is what was occurring with the person I created this spread for...you may want to create some card meanings for a 'no' answer that would address those issues. Especially if you are going to do the throw with someone, that way regardless of what the answer to the first question is, you will have somewhere to go with the spread.

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