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By Rachel Swanoski | Submitted On April 09, 2013

Psychic readings performed with tea leaves began in China. The Chinese have long been in tune with the fact that there are forces involved in our lives that we cannot see or touch. Many times these forces are capable of influencing what is happening in our lives. The patterns that tea divining forms on the bottom of a tea cup, can often point us in the right direction for solving a problem in our lives.

Psychic readings using tea leaves begin with the reader and the knowledge seeker, sitting as closely together as they can. The reader will give the seeker a real tea cup, saucer, and spoon. They will then give them a small amount of tea leaves and ask them to stir these leaves before placing them into the empty cup. Once the leaves are in the bottom of the cup the reader will ask the seeker to pour hot water over the leaves. During these psychic tea leaf readings, both people need to be seated closely together, because the reading from the tea leaves is not deduced just from what is left when the cup is emptied. How the water in the cup reacts while the tea is being stirred will also be considered.

While the person seeking the knowledge is stirring their mixture, the reader will ask them to concentrate on the future. If bubbles start to rise to the surface while the mixture is being stirred, this can mean the seeker is soon going to come into money, or that they are going to receive a kiss from someone.

When the stalk floats to the surface, or the leaves themselves float to the surface, this indicates that the seeker is due to have a visitor. If the stem of the tea is hard, the visitor will most likely be a male and if the stem is limp the visitor will most likely be female. The seeker can place some of the leaves on the back of their hand and then slap their hand with the other one, to determine how many days it will be before the visitor will arrive. The days are counted by the number of times the hand could be struck without the leaves falling off.

The seeker will be instructed to drink the liquid in the cup at this point. If the tea tastes strong to them, then they are about to begin a new friendship, but if the liquid tastes weak, then they are about to see a friendship end.

The seeker will need to swirl the residue in the bottom of the cup three times before tipping the cup over onto the saucer. The pattern the leaves fall into on the saucer will reveal the future of the seeker to the reader.

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