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How to Tell Fortunes Using Tarot Cards

By Linda M L Preston | Submitted On March 28, 2014

You must keep the tarot cards safe and in good working order. So when you are not using them, be sure to keep them wrapped up in a natural fabric, such as silk or cotton. Some people also keep them in a carved wooden box to make sure that they are fully insulated from the everyday world and remain free of all vibrations.

Do not let others handle your tarot cards out of curiosity, as this will cause the cards to pick up emotions and feelings from this person. The cards need to be kept completely free of outside influences or they will pick up too many cross-vibrations.

Before you start your psychic reading, sit quietly for a few moments, so that your mind becomes calm and receptive. If you can, always lay out the tarot cards on a wooden table. If you are new to the Tarot, deal yourself a card every day, so that you can familiarize yourself with the key points about each card.

When you are ready to tell your own, and other people's fortunes, start by using a simple three card tarot spread to answer a question. Frequently asked are generally things such as:

"Who is my perfect partner?"
"Does X love me?"
"Can my relationship be saved?"
"What kind of job is right for me?"
"Will I move house?"
"Will I ever win any money?"

Before the pack is shuffled, take out a "questioner" card. This should be one of the court cards that most closely resemble the questioner - age, gender, and character or zodiac signs are the keys here. Asking for someone's star sign can break the mood - if you don't know it, just follow the character signals instead to work this out.

When you have decided upon the appropriate card put it close to the person you are reading for. Ask him or her to shuffle the cards and cut them into three piles (these don't need to be the same size) Now take the top tarot card off each pile, one at a time until you have three. You are now ready to begin reading.

It's obviously important that at this stage that you are fully familiar with all the basic meanings of all 78 tarot cards. However, it's also important that you are guided by your natural intuition too. If you relax, your sixth sense will kick in and the ideas will begin to flow freely, and you will soon have the person you are reading for nodding in agreement at what you are telling them. Impressed that you know so much about them!

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