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Hoodoo Divination

The Death & Grief Spread

...helps the bereaved to come to terms with the death of another. By doing so...can relive once again a small piece of the time shared and thus be freed from the stasis of grief.


This spread is from The Giant Book of Card Divination, Course of Life-Themes of Life.

"Death leaves a gap with the bereaved; it may be more than this; It may be a wound, infinitely great pain, or even relief, especially if the deceased had to suffer a great deal before departing. ... Nevertheless, the greatest thing that we can do to honor our beloved is to take up something that he or she has given us...for which the deceased stood keeps that part of him or her alive in us. ...Questions to attuning yourself; What have I not said yet? What still needs to be completed? ...What do I need to learn now?

Use Lesser Tarot Arcana, playing cards, fortune-telling cards, gypsy fortune telling cards, etc.

General (foundation)
1 The deceased
2. I (the bereaved)
3. What united us?
4. What is now gone?
5. What remains?
6. What needs to go for good?
7 What can I see in thr future?
8. What still needs to be clarified/to be settled?
9. What gives me new courage and will benefit me?
10 What is the gift of our union?
11. What is now always with me?

Use Oracle Deck or all of Tarot Deck
Companion (support)
12. Which force is protecting and accompanying me during this period?
13. Which force accompanies the deceased?
14. Which force helps me to let go and to keep going?

Use Tarot deck, Oracle deck, Runes, I Ching, Gyspy F-Telling, Astrology, Skat (cartomancy), Greater Arcana of Tarot.
Master (apprenticeship)
15. Under which sign did our union stand?

[i] Use Tarot deck, Oracle Decks, Runes, I Ching, Gyspy F-Telling, Astrology, Regular Deck (cartomancy), Flower/Plant Cards.
Joker (surprise)
16. What remains for me as the gift of our union?

Allow the drawn cards to work within you and let the message attempting to get through to you slowly unfold. It is often the case the we cannot immediately accept what the cards tell us because the subject causes us too much pain.