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A spread for seeking out a wayward spirit

The Hallowed Compass
A Spread by Jace Repshire

Hallowed Compass Spread:

The following description refers to this diagram. You will see colors (in parenthesis) throughout. These refer to the diagram as well:



First, take the 4 Aces and the Hermit from the deck, and shuffle the 5 cards together. After shuffling, turn each card over one at a time and place each Ace in its corresponding direction on the compass (dark blue). Pentacles = north, Swords = east, Rods = south, Cups = west.

During this step, when the Hermit card is turned over, you will cross the Hermit underneath the next Ace that is drawn. If the hermit is the last card in the stack, place it beneath the first Ace you laid down.

[for example: I draw Ace of Swords, put it east, then draw Ace of Rods, put it South, then draw the Hermit. The next card I draw will be the one I put the Hermit under. I draw the Ace of Cups, so I put it West and put the Hermit beneath it. Last I draw the Ace of Pentacles and put it at the North.]

The Hermit represents the spirit you are searching for and resides beneath the direction it is traveling. This does not necessarily mean a literal direction, but refers to the attributes of that particular Ace. For example, in the diagram, the hermit card (red), was drawn before the Ace of cups, so it is placed beneath it in the spread. This shows that the spirit is heading on an emotional journey, since the suit of Cups represents emotions. The Hermit may be under any of the four directions, depending on how the cards were drawn, so the spread may look slightly different from the diagram.


To finish the reading, shuffle the remainder of the deck then lay the first card in the center of the spread. This card (green), represents the querent. In order to lay out the rest of the spread (light blue cards), you need to visualize that you are standing where this card is, in the center of the compass, and you are facing the direction of the Hermit. Card 2 will be laid in front of you (between you and the Hermit). Cards 3 through 9 will be laid out in a clockwise fashion, completing the compass (refer to diagram for the layout). The final card, Card 10, is laid outside of the compass, next to the direction that bears the Hermit card. This card shows where the spirit is heading.


Now that you’ve got the entire compass laid out, you can forget the order you laid the cards out. You only need to know that the center card is YOU, and that you are FACING THE HERMIT. When I say “to your left”, for example, I mean that if you were standing in the center of this spread, looking at the hermit, this card would be on your left. Got it? Alright! The readable cards in the spread should be read in this order.

Center of the compass - Where you are, your situation
To Your Front Right – the spirit’s current situation
To Your Right – how you view this spirit, what this spirit is in your eyes
To Your Rear Right - who the spirit truly is
To Your Rear - what will distance you further from this spirit
To Your Rear Left - why this spirit is away
To Your Left - how the spirit sees you
To Your Front Left - what this spirit wants you to know
To Your Front - what will bring you closer to this spirit
On the Far Side of the Hermit - Where the spirit is headed


To see further ahead down the path the spirit is taking, continue to lay cards in a path out from the tenth card, in the direction the spirit is travelling. Read these chronologically, and continue to lay cards until you feel you have adequate information.


This spread can be used over again if the spirit is not found within a reasonable period of time. Of course, situations change, and all living beings change direction from time to time. You may need to keep tracking this spirit and try to find out what direction it is taking in order to follow it and not distance yourself from it. Of course this might not imply an actual physical distance, but a way that you are acting that is making the spirit feel uncomfortable about you. This spread can help you know how to make the spirit feel comfortable around you again, especially in the meaning of the "TO YOUR FRONT" card.

And of course, lets be ethical. If this is a spirit you aren't very familiar with, it may be best to just let it go! Just like people, spirits need to be left alone sometimes.