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Spirit Make Yourself Known
by Lyn

When an earthbound spirit does obnoxious things it’s trying to get your attention for some reason.  Though there are a fair number of negative spirits about there’s a lot more out there that are positive or neutral.  And the only reason they’re still about is because there’s a piece of unfinished business.  Once they’ve crossed over into the Spirit they’ll need the help of  a person in this realm to accomplish their goal.

Perhaps you or someone you know believes that there’s a spirit in their home.  And whilst the spirit isn’t doing anything that can be considered threatening,  you or they would rest better if you at least understood why it has chosen to make itself known to you.  Use this free Tarot spread to get some answers.

Important Note:  If the spirit is doing something that you find to be threatening in any manner, don’t waste time trying to find rational answers.  Immediately call in a professional who can talk to and banish spirits and entities.

Here are the card positions for the Spirit Make Yourself Known Tarot Spread

  1. Who or what are you?-  This card gives you  a bit of information about the earth bound spirit.
  2. What Business Do you have here? – This card will let you know why they have chosen to stay earth bound.
  3. What can I do to help you find peace? – This card will reveal an action that you can perform if you choose to help the spirit accomplish their goal.


If you choose to help the spirit, make sure once you’ve finished  to remind them that they can go into the light.  If they agree you can do one of the following three things:

  1. If you’re comfortable, bring the light to them so they can enter it.
  2. Explain to them that they can go to a funeral service and go into the light when another spirit goes.
  3. Call in a professional to perform a ritual to send them into the light.

Whether it chooses to go into the light or not it should at the very least stop upsetting the household.  If it does not you may need to call in a professional to banish it.

Caution-  If at any point during the reading your intuition reveals that the spirit is anything other than an earth bound spirit or that it’s a negative spirit, immediately cease all communication with it and call in a professional who knows how to banish it.