Texas Hoodoo hoodoo conjure rootwork

Hoodoo Divination

Destiny Spread
Creator; Sprite
Used by permission

The spread is read for someone who has passed on. it helps for understanding, to have questions answered and can bring some closure.
I lay the cards 1-6 in a circle clockwise and cards 7-10 I just lay underneath. I get either a picture or an object to represent the person I'm reading about and either hold on to it or lay it in the center, whichever feels comfortable to you.

1. what was persons purpose in this life
2. what were you to learn from this person
3. what were you to learn from their death
4. what was the reason behind their death
5. how are you to use what you gained from them
6. what do they want you to know
7. what is their greatest memory
8. what do they need that you can do for them
9. how do they see you
10. what advice/wisdom/secret can they share with you

The spread seems to talk about the person the reasoning behind their life, what they wanted you to learn and take with you from them, along with the whys and how's surrounding their death. it can get pretty personal and revealing be ready for answers you may get.