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Haunted House Tarot Spread

Card 1: The House’s Past

Card 2: This is a more general past card — I know from experience that sometimes it’s not so much a HOUSE’S history that causes a haunting, so this second past card is meant to be more of the suspected SPIRIT’S past/the past that led to the haunting. If it IS the house then this can expand or clarify the first card, but if it isn’t, this will help you get a past insight.

Card 3: The Spirit itself — I did do a test reading with this, but I had a fictional situation I was reading for XD I decided to go with my earlier experience of a spirit attached to an object…the card I got in my test reading was the Four of Coins, haha.

Card 4: What the spirit wants

Card 5: The effect of the spirit/energy on the people within the house

Card 6: What to know about the situation
Optional Cards 6a-6b: If you want more information here, this is the space to lay out more cards for it.

Card 7: What to avoid — the stuff you DON’T want to do.
Optional Cards 7a-7b: Again, these are here if you want more clarification or are worried there’s anything else you shouldn’t attempt in dealing with the spirit.

Card 8: The action to take.

Optional Cards 9-10: These are the optional cards requested for the professionals who might be dealing with this situation. I positioned them so that they’re supporting the action to be taken by the homeowners.

(Found on hellboundwitch on Tumblr.)