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'My Next Incarnation'
by Elven

I read recently that the past present and future are being played out in our 'every moment'. We are attending to the past the present and the future by the choices we make and the things we do now. The lessons we will learn in the next lifetime are possibly tied to what we are doing in this life time (and related to other life times as well). Without expanding into the next incarnation topic overly, what will be the 'main lesson' which I will base my next incarnation on?

Position One: The Lesson.
What will be 'the main reason/purpose' for my next incarnation? Why will I incarnate, and what am I to learn next time around?

Position Two: What skills will I bring/have access to during this time?
What inherent skills (already developed) will I be able to draw upon.

Position Three: What new skills will I learn?
What new skills will I learn and develop?

Position Four: The Environment.
- What type of environment will this take place? (This may include or indicate country, gender, physical form, era, time - it may indicate you are not coming back into a physical existence, but choose to be a Guide, Teacher, Speaker whatever) This can be a very broad question, so don't hold back on a broad interpretation

Position Five: The Challenges I will face.
What will challenge my progress during my next incarnation? What will my challenges be? What will I be endeavoring to over come.