Working with the 7 African Powers

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Candle Types

4 inch or 6 inch chime candles, and small tapers - suitable for any ritual
Seven knob candles - burn one knob a day while focusing on your intent
Skull candles - uncrossings, bring clarity, love
Human figure candles - sympathetic magic such as love spells and healing, and personalized magic
Witch candles - depends on the candle color or stated purpose of the candle
Seven African powers candles - prayer and devotion, meditation, invoking the 7 African Powers
Cross candles - psychic work and protection
Cat candles - luck and reversing spells
Mummy candles - uncrossing, jinx removing, repel dark forces
Devil candles - repel dark forces, reverse spells
Seven Day candles – pillars or jars meant for seven day rituals

SEVEN AFRICAN POWERS Candle: This candle can be used for success and help in very difficult situations. Burning this candle will aid you in manifesting your particular goals and wishes.The candle can be burned for blessings, protection and special requests. Brings blessings and powerful supernatural aid from the spirits of Santeria.

MUMMY CANDLES are burned for attracting power and success, removing hexes and negativity, and bringing peace to one's home.
Black: for removing hexes and negativity, and bringing peace to one's home.
Red: for power and success.

Using Seven African Powers Oil on Your Candles.

Wherever people of African descent were converted to Catholicism (often forcibly), different patron saints were identified with their own African deities and spirits. There are thousands of Orishas, but seven major ones made it over to the Americas. Anoint your body with 7 African powers /Siete Potencias [7 Powers] Oil and petition the 7 Patron Saints for assistance with your situation. Combine your ritual by burning a 7 African Powers candle or other candle suited to your purpose. Place 3 drops of Siete Potencias [7 Powers] Oil in your candle daily if you are just doing a general petition.

If petitioning a specific Orisha, look up their associated number and put that number of drops of oil onto your candle.

Use a Seven African Powers Candle for when you need to manifest one or more of the following:

  • Money
  • Power
  • Love
  • Opportunity
  • Work
  • Protection
  • Peace and Harmony



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