Working with the 7 African Powers

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List of the 7 African Powers

Papa Legba (also Ellegua), Yemaya, Oshun, Obatala, Ochosi, Oya, and Ogun


Eleggua / Elegua: Messenger, Opener of the Way, Trickster
Saint Simon Peter
San Martin (Caballero)
Saint Anthony (of Padua)
El Nino de Atocha
Saint Expedite
Saint Michael Archangel
Obatala / Obatalia: Father-Mother of Humanity, Bringer of Peace and Harmony
Our Lady of Mercy
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
Yemaya / Yemalia / Yemalla: Spirit of Motherhood, the Ocean, and the Moon
Our Lady of Regla
Mary, Star of the Sea (Stella Maris)
Oya: Female Warrior, Spirit of Wind, Storm, Thunder, and Magic
Our Lady of Candelaria
Saint Catherine
Saint Theresa
Oshun / Ochum: Lady of Love, Beauty, and Sexuality, Spirit of Fresh Water
Our Lady of Caridad del Cobre (Our Mother of Charity)
Chango / Shango / Xango / Sango: Fourth King of the Yoruba, immortalized as Spirit of Thunder
Saint Barbara
Saint Jerome
Ogun / Ogum: Lord of Metals, Minerals, Tools, War, Birds, and Wild Beasts
Saint John the Baptist
Saint Anthony (of Padua)
Saint George
San Pedro (Saint Simon Peter)
Orula / Orunmila: Teacher, Prophet
Saint John the Evangelist taking Jesus down from cross
Babaluaye: Spirit of Disease and Sickness, also Provider of Money to the Poor
Saint Lazarus of Dives


Chango; Orula; Ogum; Elegua; Obatalia; Yemalia; Ochum.






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