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Links to Help You Learn Hoodoo -- all these links will take you offsite.

Hoodoo Herbal Bath Recipes

Old Hoodoo Hands and Tricks

Organized Hoodoo Links over at Realpagan.net

Free Mississipi Hoodoo Lessons

Hoodoo And Its Spell Rituals And Practices

Hoodoo Precepts

Hoodoo Basics

Olde Tales and Practices of the South: Hoodoo & Rootwork


Online Classes

Crossroads University

The Hoodoo Workshop

PDFs on Scribd.com
Malcolm Mills Ultimate Potion Book
Oil Recipes for use in Wiccan, Pagan, and Hoodoo Magic

Hoodoo by John Bertram Ford

Hoodoo a presentation

Hoodoo Spells and Magik Introduction

Intro to Hoodoo Plus Spells

Other PDF's (offsite links)
Sacred Magic of Abramelin, Book III

Magikal Formulary from Sacred Magik

6th and Seventh Book of Moses

Hoodoo in Texas (Yahoo)

Texas Hoodoo Facebook Group

Hoodoo Arts Facebook Group

Hoodoo Barter and Swap

Witch in the Burbs

Accurate Psychic Readings

Fabulous Psychic Readings


Texas Hoodoo Psychic Fortune Teller Readings