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I have no official endorsement of these sites, but these people are all members in good standing of my Texas Hoodoo Facebook group.


Wendy enjoys gathering both natural and man made curios, as well as collecting the traditions and stories which give these items unique and special attributes. Her love of nature, history and folklore inform her art.

Located in Klamath Falls OR, CuteMojo is an extension of those passions.



While I do not currently offer things for sale on the site, I do use PayPal for all of my "stuff." You can ask me if I have something in particular if you'd like. I do make custom mojos and sometimes put together custom spell kits for people. The site itself is basically a diary of my experiences and a few instructional articles.

Root Womin

www.fonspiritualcenter.org, carefully selected products and services for the discerning shopper

Granny Tackett

I offer products & services for clients in need of assistance, as

well as 2-day intensive workshops for those who are looking to learn

traditional folk magic (based in European immigrant practices, not


Perfectlovebotanicals.com. My name is Virginia Heaven, I am a musician and herbal craftswoman. I make custom spell boxes, ritual bath soaps, spell candles,condition oils,body butters,incense, tinctures..blessings for any ailment , salves for any soul. As within, so without. thank you for allowing me to share.


At The House of Thunder  Located in the heart of the Southwest Dallas area


The Study and Practice of Hoodoo - Yahoo Groups


This is a discussion/study group for the practice of Hoodoo also referred to as Rootwork ... Although based in Texas students from anywhere are welcome to join.