(I don't do all of these kinds of readings, this is just for information purposes)

Types of Gypsy Readings

Gypsy Fortune Telling is a psychic practice which deals with the prediction of future through supernatural means and is usually done for commercial gain. Gypsy Fortune telling mainly concerns itself with future romances, financial predictions and those related to child birth. Fortune tellers are also often sought to guide in the decisions of jobs, illness, marriage or divorce.

The major reason as to why people come to card readings is to know whether or not they will be happy. Fortunately, more often than not, cards bring joy and hope into their lives. Gypsy Fortune Telling can only show us the source of our happiness while it is our responsibility to recognize, capture and protect it.

Crystal Ball

Crystal balls are a very popular tool used by gypsies and other psychics and have been in use for many centuries. Fortunetellers use crystal balls to access their psychic talents and can make predictions. They are also used in clairvoyance. Ever since fortunetellers began using crystal balls, they have helped many fortunetellers see through other people's minds and provide useful answers that conventional science cannot explain. Many religions and cultures have adopted these balls -- not just the gypsies. Crystal balls allow the gypsy to get into a trance mode during the session. They often use the balls to get out of their physical bodies and consequently give way for the spirit to take over and converse with their existing cherished ones for some time. When the session is over, the gypsy's spirit returns to them and they gain consciousness all over again.

The Gypsy fortune teller tends to read the crystal ball very sparingly. This fortunetelling technique is demanding, requiring a great deal of preparation and practice to perform. The room for the reading needs to be darkened, as direct sunlight interferes with the images emanating from the ball. The ball should rest on a black cloth. In response to the questioner, the reader must gaze in to the ball, not stare. The difference between these two types of "looking" is subtle and must be practiced over time to be mastered. As the fortune teller gazes into the ball, she interprets the images that appear for the questioner.

The Gypsy Tarot (Lenormand or regular tarot)

Your Gypsy card reader often needs to combine every 22 Major Arcana card together, and then with the other 20 cards that ought be drawn by the querent. No less than 42 cards will be available here to indeed complete the appropriate Gypsy Tarot spread. In the reading, the questioner is asked to get provided these 42 cards, and then instructed to shuffle them again. He's forced to divine into 6 piles with 7 cards for each pile. The majority of the cards need to get their faces down from right to left in a row. The psychic needs to continue putting those piles into rows until she finally has 6 rows. Here are the true meaning of such rows.

- First row: influences from the past
- Second row: influences in the present
- Third row: external influences
- Fourth row: the immediate influences
- Fifth row: influences in the future
- Sixth row: future consequences

Gypsy Horoscope

Plenty of Gypsies have decided on their own living as the actual fortune tellers, and one of the most common techniques that many of them have used until now is none other than the Gypsy horoscope. Its main root is exactly all the way to the very middle ages. This system would conform to the standard horoscope of the Western culture, which is quite similar to the Western astrology wheel. Each individual sign and symbol displayed in the horoscope usually represents anything that is very crucial to Gypsies, including horseshow or crown for examples. In addition, this divinatory method can be used to disclose more intriguing astrological perspectives and points of view.

Gypsy Fortune Teller Reading

Most of people agree that the easiest way to have a free/no cost taste of the fortune teller reading would be to see a Gypsy psychic reader. You can freely ask for a sample for free if you're interested. A Gypsy reader has to be positive about her own power. However, do not keep yourself away from it when asked to pay the reader. It's because your fortune tellers deserve to get paid, especially when whatever told by them indeed has a value for your life.

Palm Reading

Palm reading (palmistry) is generally the first fortunetelling skill that a Gypsy mother teaches her children. This method requires no special equipment and can be practiced anywhere. Palm reading is an interpretation of a person’s dominant hand – its size, shape, finger length and the lines that run across it. These characteristics reveal the person’s character traits as well as offering predictions about the person’s love life, career, health and longevity. Palms also offer the questioner a chance to learn about his past and present. Since the lines of one’s hands are constantly changing, the predictions a Gypsy palm reader makes about the future are subject to alteration over time.

Reading Tea Leaves

Reading tea leaves (tasseography) became such a popular activity in the first part of the 20th century that “Gypsy Tea Rooms” were created as locations to not only sit and enjoy a cup of tea, but to have the leaves remaining in the cup read by a Gypsy. The Gypsy Fortune telling method for reading tea leaves requires drinking the tea from a white or very light cup with a handle. Once there is only a tiny bit of tea left in the tea cup, the questioner must swirl the tea in the bottom of the cup three times, in a counterclockwise motion. Then the cup is turned upside down to drain any leftover tea. The Gypsy fortune teller turns the cup right side up and reads the pattern of the leaves that remain in the cup’s bottom. Tasseography remains popular to this day.