I specialize in love, relationship, spiritual, decision and work related questions.
My tarot readings are all done either online (via email) or in person if you live in the Central Texas (Austin Area)

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Order a Love/Sex/Relationship Reading
   The Lovers's Triangle  $50
(optional, but preferred: dates and locations of everyone's birth)
This spread can be used to determine the dynamics of the relationship between 3 people. Probing the uncharted depths of a love triangle.
Finding a New Love $30
(optional, but preferred: date and location of your birth)
This tarot reading will help you know what to look for in your next lover, what hinders you in finding them, what will help you find your new love.
Help with Your Sex Life $30
(optional, but preferred: dates and locations of everyone's birth)
Insight into what's happening in your sex life at this time and what you can do about it.
Relationship Analysis  $45
(optional, but preferred: dates and locations of everyone's birth)
A comprehensive relationship reading. This spread allows you to look closer on your current relationship with a partner, friend, husband, wife, date or family member. The spread will provide you with the relationships past, future, karma (what binds you), your feelings and the other persons feelings. This will give you a pretty good picture where the relationship is headed.
Reconciliation (Return to Me) Tarot Spread $45
(optional, but preferred: dates and locations of everyone's birth)
Sometimes it is worth putting in a little effort to win back a loved one.  And tarot can help us to find the way to a healthy resolution Ė whether that be a loving reunion or letting go once and for all.
Will I get back with My Ex-Lover?
(optional, but preferred: dates and locations of everyone's birth)
Donít let the hunger, the longing, and the pain to continue. Find out what is potentially going on with your ex and get the answers you seek to help you fight for your love, let go or move on!

Looking for Love Tarot Reading $45
(optional, but preferred: date and location of your birth)
This spread has been designed especially for those who find themselves engaged on what feels like a fruitless search for love, lasting and happy relationships, and true fulfillment - though it will also work for those only just embarking on their romantic journey.


Order a Career/Job/Employment Tarot Reading
 Your Current Job $40
What do you really want with this job/company?  What might be standing in your way?  Do you have a future in your current occupation or place of employment? What does the future hold for you with respect to your career?
 Getting The Job $45
ob interview help for prospective employees.
Stay or Go in Your Job $75
Help in deciding whether to take a new job or stay in the present employment.
Work Place Dynamics $40
To explore  your current place of employment
Current or Future Job Analysis $30
Need to know about your current job or one that you think you wanty to apply for? Choose this spread. Your working life analyzed.

Order a 6 Card General Tarot Reading $30
(good for when you don't have a question or don't have a specific issue in mind)
Order a Value Priced Tarot Reading (3 cards) $15
What kind of 3 card tarot reading do you want?

 You can call my Skype number!