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What Are Spirit Guides - An Introduction

By MeKila Herring | Submitted On August 06, 2010

We hear a lot these days about Spirit Guides, but what are they really? Well, they can be different things to different people.

There can be guides in our lives that are in spirit form that cross our paths only once and offer us some blessing tailor made for that specific moment. There can be guides that walk with us during a period of our lives when we need their particular flavor of guidance. For instance, when we are studying something new, or we are tasked to learn a new skill at work.

Sometimes our religions give us a glimpse of the relationships possible with Spirit Guides.

In my almost 25 years, thus far, as a minister, I have heard many interpretations of what a spirit guide is.

Here are a few of those interpretations:

A Loved One (friend or relative) that has crossed over to the Other Side (Heaven, Nirvana etc.)
An Ancestor
A Family Animal Totem
The most well known of the church interpretations is that of the Guardian Angel
The New Age interpretation is generally a kindred soul that you have a partnership agreement with that while you are incarnated in this lifetime, they will watch over you.

All of these interpretations do indeed represent different types of guides in spirit form.

Having been raised Catholic, the Guardian Angel is the interpretation that I grew up with. Yet it never felt quite right to me.

I could not understand how we could be entrusted to someone that was not able to hold a conversation with us. It just did not make any sense to me. We were led to believe that an angel looked over us and was with us from the moment we were born till the moment we die.

I have spent most of my life in communication with those on the Other Side. I can tell you that the Catholic interpretation is pretty close.

A Spirit Guide per se, most often refers to a best-friend type entity on the Other Side that you quite probably have shared a life or lives with previously. In any event, you are of such a deep friendship that you have mutually chosen each other to participate in this relationship.

You have chosen this person to look over you while you are incarnated. At the same time, that individual has chosen you to be the person that they will look over for the entirety of your incarnation.

The most wondrous aspect of this relationship is that it can very definitely be a two-way conversation. We are the only ones holding ourselves back from this type of connection. In fact, when you allow the development of this type of experiential relationship with your Spirit Guide, all manner of magical experiences can unfold.

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