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Spirit Guides - Animal Totems in Psychic Reading

By Diane Whitney | Submitted On June 21, 2010

All things created on Earth can be a spirit guide. Animal totems or animal guides posses a special sense or awareness of human emotions and personalities. Each animal totem has its' own unique symbolic meaning and spiritual power. In a psychic reading, animal totems play a powerful role. During a psychic reading, there are several ways to meet your animal totems. Once you are in contact you can learn the ways to access the energy of an animal spirit to guide and assist you. You may ask an animal guide to help you in many ways.

Psychic readers have three primary paths to connecting with animal totems or spirits. Psychic readers believe an animal totem is the deceased spirit of an animal and will channel them in a reading. One or more animal spirits may appear to watch over you. An animal spirit is able to travel faster and further than other spiritual guides. The attributes of the particular totem will guide you in your life and in choices. Once you recognize your totem, you can learn ways to access the energy of an animal spirit to guide and assist you. You may ask an animal guide to help you in many ways. Be careful not to attribute human feeling and emotion to an animal totem.

During a psychic reading, a psychic reader may take you through a guided meditation or visualization to meet your animal totem(s). Pay particular attention to your dreams. This is where they can often appear. Learn as much about your animal totems as you can. What is their symbolic meaning, their spirit; what are their characteristics and habits? Animal totems are like other spirit guides. They may come briefly or stay with you for a long time. They may guide you, show you a path or just be present during difficult times. You can ask for the particular strength and energy particular to an animal totem. If you do not quickly meet your totem, be patient as they will come to you.

A third path to seeing the animal totems that are influencing your life is through a psychic reading done with Medicine Cards. There are also special psychics that are skilled with Animal Totem readings. Each person has nine directions that surround them with an animal totem in each, representing the medicine your carry on earth. For example the animal in the East guides you in spiritual challenges. The animal in the South protects the child in you. Another type of psychic reading might be a past, future, and present reading. The cards drawn will reflect the symbolism of the animal. There are numerous types of readings other than the ones I have mentioned; all of which can be incredibly enlightening in showing your totems and how they are influencing you; now, in relationships, in the future, in your life path.

Your animal totems can be a powerful and guiding force in your life. Get in touch through some form of psychic reading. Learn as much as you can about them. Study the elements associated with them (fire, water, air, earth). Pay homage and respect to your totems.

Here is a brief view of animal totems or animal spirit guides and what they may symbolize. You will find other meanings for the animals depending on culture, view and philosophy.

Bear - Hibernation is a key attribute of the bear. A bear indicates the need to go within yourself - to withdraw from the world. Dreams are extremely important.

Buffalo - The buffalo is the most sacred animal in Native American traditions. It represents the Great Spirit. This power animal indicates the importance of caring for all.

Butterfly - The butterfly represents transformation.

Coyote - The coyote helps you to recognize your own mistakes with humor.

Crow - This animal indicates the need to find balance and to stay in the present and will bring to you the ability to release past beliefs.

Deer - Gentleness is the key word here. The deer represents kindness and compassion.

Eagle - The eagle is your connection with your Soul. It helps you to see beyond the mundane to your higher purpose.

Fox - The fox is patient and waits for the right moment to act.

Frog - To jump from materialism to spirituality.

Hawk - The hawk helps you to become more observant.

Horse - The horse will teach you how to communicate with other realms as well as this one. The horse represents power and freedom as well.

Hummingbird - This creature represents joy and the beauty of living things.

Lion - The lion represents wisdom and power and heart-centered leadership.

Mouse - The mouse helps you to notice the little things in life.

Owl - The owl represents wisdom see things that are normally hidden from view - like the motives of others so that you won't be deceived.

Raven - The raven indicates that you need to make changes in how you perceive things and to see what has to be changed.

Snake - Let go of things that are worn out and no longer useful - like the snake sheds it skin when it is no longer needed.

Spider - The spider represents creativity and the weaving of fate. Squirrel - The squirrel encourages you to plan.

Swan - Facing change with grace

Tiger - The tiger represents passion and sensuality. The sense of touch is heightened with the tiger as a power animal. The tiger also brings forth silent, solitary, power.

Turtle - The turtle keeps you earthbound

Unicorn - As the unicorn is magical, your dreams may come true.

Weasel - This animal imparts the ability to see beneath the surface of things inner hearing and to pay attention to your inner voice.

Whale - The whale gives you the ability to know the wisdom of the ages.

Wolf - The wolf represents your inner teacher.

Diane Whitney
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