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Psychic Medium Meditation - The 7-Step Formula to Connect With Your Spirit Guidehoodoo psychic readings

By Tana Hoy | Submitted On April 30, 2010

Every person is born psychic to some degree. Yes, every person has a potential psychic medium skill within them, just waiting to be discovered. The gift of being a psychic medium is very special because you have the unique ability to communicate with spiritual entities, on top of the other psychic gifts that you have! Psychic medium gifts allow you to connect with spirit guides, angels, and even spirits of those who have passed away.

The 7-Step Psychic Medium Meditation Technique to Connect with Your Spirit Guide

Like any psychic skill, the key secret to unleashing the full power of psychic medium gifts is through proper meditation. Let me share with you a simple meditation technique for establishing that psychic mediumconnection with your spirit guide.

1. In a quite corner, sit in a comfortable position. Clear your mind and relax. As you take deep breaths, picture that you are sitting on a ray of white light that extend up to over 50 feet around you.

2. Next, imagine that your are opening the energy centers on the soles of your feet. As you inhale, visualize that you are taking in white light in them, and feel it flow and circulate to other parts of your body. Then, when you slowly exhale, visualize that white energy going out through your lungs, together with all the stress and anxiety that you have.

3. When you're all set and you have white light circulating freely in your body, imagine that you are entering a special place, a serene sanctuary. Picture out a flight of white steps covered with soft mist. Go near those steps, take time to reflect and connect with your inner psychic medium.

4. Once you feel comfortable and secure with that setting, slowly climb the white steps. As you climb higher the soft mist around will start to glow and you might see some special things on the steps. Your psychic medium senses will now start to be keen. Start to observe how you feel -- when you're near the top, you'd feel s sense of inner peace and a higher level of expectation.

5. Upon reaching the top of the white steps, the mist has become thinner and you can hear faint music. The music will sound clearer and louder as the mist slowly fades out. Then, you will find yourself in a lush meadow -- green fresh-cut grass, a brightly shining sun, and a majestic cascading waterfall just up ahead. Now make your way toward the waterfall.

6. You will now meet your spirit guide. Introduce yourself, and listen attentively to what you guide has to say, and you can also ask your guide questions if you have any.

7. When done conversing with your spirit guide, turn to the mist and walk slowly down the steps and back to the bounds of reality.

There you have it -- one simple psychic medium meditation technique to connect with your spirit guide. Remember, your spirit guide is your adviser and they are readily available to help you; all you need to do is your psychic medium skills to make that psychic medium connection whenever you want, to communicate with them.

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