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Key Things To Know When Communicating With Spirits

By Crystal Milligan | Submitted On March 19, 2011

Connecting with the spirit world is not difficult, it simply involves the desire to do so and the requisite time necessary to facilitate the interaction. Throughout history people and cultures have engaged the spiritual realm in a variety of ways. The following is a list of things you should do to facilitate your contact with the spirit world:

Give permission for the spirits to work with you, specifically your guides and angels

Helpful spirits will work with you proactively when you give them the permission to do so. This can be done by speaking out loud, in prayer style, your intent to work with them and asking them specifically to work with you. If you have a particular subject you would like them to address, state it as such and ask for their assistance.

It is important to make sure to ask for only those spirits to work with you who are there for your highest purpose and utmost good. You do not want lower-energy, earthbound spirits hanging around, giving you messages and instruction. These lower energies typically know little more than you do, if as much, and often are mischievous and out to play with or harass you. Instead be sure to ask for higher, enlightened guides and hosts; those operating within the Light and for the purpose of the Light, and then give them permission to work with you in whatever form will be best received by you.

Once you have stated this (and you can do so more than once) sit back and observe your surroundings for the next few days or weeks. Note any dreams, thoughts, serendipitous events, information and out-of-ordinary circumstances you encounter. Keep a journal to log these things and review it often for the answers you seek.


One of the most helpful ways to facilitate spirit communication is via meditation. Meditation is truly the cornerstone of any viable spiritual practice. Meditation allows us to calm our minds and listen. When we are in a position to listen we not only hear our own thoughts and messages but the messages sent from our spirit friends and guides.

It is best to make sure you are in complete silence when meditating for the purpose of spirit communication. This means no ambient noise if possible as well as no meditative music. Just pure silence. Be alone in your mind with your thoughts and maintain a state of hopeful readiness. If you have given the spirits permission to come they will show up, and many times they show up while you are in the act of meditating. If they do not show up during your meditations they will show up in other ways, and your meditations will lay the groundwork for their appearance.


Channeling is an effective way to make contact with the spirit world. Channeling involves making oneself available to higher spirits and energies to be used as a conduit or channel for their pertinent messages to come forth. Channeling can be done via trance (as with Edgar Cayce) or while conscious (as with Jane Roberts). While in trance a person's awareness is completely displaced; with conscious channeling the practitioner is aware of the messages and information coming through.

A person can either speak out the information or alternatively write it down, such as in automatic writing. Other things besides spiritual messages can be channeled as well, such as musical compositions, poetry and even scientific formulae. In order for the practitioner to channel he or she must first set the stage accordingly, to include psychic protection, grounding and relaxation. Once these things are done the practitioner must give permission for the higher spirits to come and then wait for messages or inspiration.

The Divinatory Arts

Divination means to foresee or to be inspired by God. God in this context refers to the Source of all things, the All That Is, the Universe, etc.

Some divinatory arts include tarot card reading, dowsing, clairvoyance, precognition, tea leaf reading and scrying. While working with these divinatory abilities or instruments, spirits are allowed to come forth to relay messages or give information via sense, signals, images, words and information.

There are many types of divination, so the aspiring communicator should conduct appropriate research in order to determine which art suits him or her the best. Some methods will feel right while others may feel foreign.


The important thing to remember is that Spirit will always find a way to communicate with us if we are willing and receptive. Therefore set your intention to work with Spirit and specify what it is you would like to learn. From there safely explore and document all that is given... and enjoy!

Crystal Milligan is a psychic medium, writer and teacher and can be reached at http://www.crystalmilligan.com.

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