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It's Not About a Spell to Contact a Spirit Guide

By A. Bachman | Submitted On July 30, 2008

You don't need a spell to contact spirit guide. What you need is an understanding on how to communicate with them instead. A spell to contact a spirit guide won't be necessary when you learn how to talk.

First of all, we all have a guide with us all the time. Some of us have more than one. They are always available and accessible. What you need is not a spell to contact spirit guide, but the ability to talk to them.

First, start by letting them know that you wish to contact them and get in touch. Every night call to them out loud. Tell them that you wish to communicate and talk with them. Pay attention to any changes in the room as this may be a sign that they are trying to communicate with you also, or are willing to talk.

You may experience a shift in temperature, a sensation of being touched, a light tingling sound like a bell, or many other experiences. This is a sign that your guide wishes to talk with you.

Keep doing this and in time, you will develop a relationship with them and won't need a spell to contact spirit guide. Once you have opened the channel and reached out, begin to meditate on a regular basis and use that meditation as a means to communicate. You will begin to get messages from them in the form of images, or words. They may communicate in other ways as well, so open up and receive what they have to say.

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