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How to Talk With Spirits and Other Unseen Phenomena

By Cassandra Vanzant | Submitted On February 13, 2009

How to talk with spirits and other unseen phenomena depends greatly on one's discernment. Discernment to detect that which is not seen, whether this be the spirits of those once living who have now passed over, or the communicating with Spirit Guides, is acquired one of two ways - either a person is born with the ability or through practice.

Being born with the ability to communicate with spirits is something that all humans innately bring into the world. From the time of birth, and without instruction, a child can "see" unseen phenomena. The presence of an imaginary friend, talking to and answering to an unspoken voice, or gazing at colorful, undetectable entities. If this inborn flair is not doused by the prejudices or bias of those around, then a natural born psychic will remain and, with this gift, help her spiritual human kind who want answers.

For those who have lost their intuitive power of talking with spirits and other unseen phenomena and are seeking to open that spiritual channel once again, begins with a desire to rekindle this lost interchange.

The first and easiest way to accomplish this ability is through meditation. For one to stop their harried life as little as a ten minute pause a day, and be able to quiet their mind long enough to listen to the other dimension, will eventually bring about a familiar and calm awakening. This beginning of feeling connected to an area of one's own root of spirituality, will at some time in the future, produce results that lead to a heightened, intuitive, sense of things beyond her natural range of perception. There are three such happenings that can spin-off from the practice of meditation:

1. Clairaudient - this is one's ability to hear clearly beyond natural range of the senses, the voices of the dead.

These are those, who have died and whose spirits have passed over into the unseen dimension. Their defining physical bodies are no longer walking the earth, but their essential spirit is still alive, and can be heard by the person who has raised their spiritual vibration through meditation.

2. Clairsentient - this is one's ability to feel clearly beyond natural range of the senses.

In order to know there is a spirit or other unseen entity around, this ability will provide the cognizance to begin communication.

3. Clairvoyant - this describes one's ability to see clearly beyond natural range of the senses, the future.

Future events can be shown to the intuitive through scenes provided through her Spirit Guides. These scenes are played out on a mental movie screen in the mind. This can be brought about through intermittent flash images or snips of information.

To speak with spirits and other unseen phenomena is either a natural ability or a re-learned action. The motivation behind communing with the spirit world will produce its own results in the seeker. Not everyone is ready to step back into this instinctual mode. Whether your natural instinct guides you forward, or keeps you where you are, the urge to return to our spiritual beginning will always occupy and fascinate our minds.

Cassandra Vanzant, professional tarot card reader, psychic, medium, past life specialist, life path expert, artist and author. Cassandra has designed a unique deck of message cards using her art work of the extraterrestrials and published a separate book that is a more in depth look at the Beings of the card deck. Ordering, Cassandra Vanzant, the E.T. Communicators Channeled Extraterrestrial Cards, and, Messages from the Extraterrestrial Message Cards book, can be found on Cassandra's website: http://www.cassandravanzant.com.

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