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How to Find Your Spirit Guide - Receive Inspiration and Guidance

By Amiya Santillan | Submitted On February 02, 2010

How to find your spirit guide is essentially a matter of appreciation for their essence. Not all of us believe they exist but they are around us as we go about our daily routines. Their purpose is to counsel and enlighten us about our life concerns for they often see the bigger picture and meaning to everything. Finding your spirit guide may take different forms and we can find a connection though a variety of ways.

- Sounds that you hear from no apparent physical cause

- Goose bumps or chills but not from a change to cold temperature

- Warmth, safety and peacefulness are the common feelings that are exhibited by you

- Wondering how you thought of seeing figures or sudden subtle light beams coming from the corner of your sight though you don't feel scared or weird

How to find your spirit guide involves one or all of the following methods:

In the form of lucid dreaming where in you remember your dreams. Take note of your dreams and you may notice a pattern or theme where in you direct yourself into communicating with your spirit guide.

Proper breathing and concentration in order to be in a meditative state as you visualize and try to reach out to your guide. You will surely feel an inviting and warm atmosphere once you initially succeed.

Feelings or "Gut" feel
There are times when you just feel uncertain about making decisions as opposed to the times you feel all ready and confident about your choices. This is one way of having these special entities leads us.

Thoughts or Telepathy
Having communication beyond the ability of our five senses where in emotional and mental energy is transferred beyond physical contact.

Understand that your spirit guide may open up itself in a manner that would be most agreeable to you but you should first be willing and ready to listen. Our conscious mind often blocks the messages being sent to us so we must learn how to quiet down our noisy heads. This can be done with the help of listening to binaural beats as it breaks down your consciousness and directly eases you to an altered state of consciousness where you could easily connect with your spirit guide.

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