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12 Easy Steps to Talk to Your Angel Or Spirit Guide

By Lillie Ruby | Submitted On October 06, 2010

Do you want to know the name of your Spirit Guide or Angel? Would you like to communicate with them, but have trouble hearing? These 12 easy steps will help you begin.

Find a set of Scrabble tiles, or make a set of tiles from index cards. Use only the tiles with consonants.
Find a cloth bag and place them into it.
Get a pad of paper and pencil or pen to use for making notes.
Set up a space where you can work and will be disturbed as little as possible,
Play meditation music. Softly to help set the tone. There are many meditation cads available at your book store or discount store. You can also download them from major booksellers or websites like iTunes.
Light a candle. White is preferred. One with scented with frankincense is recommended. Myrrh can also be used. If you can't find a candle with this scent, the same scent essential oils in a warmer will work too. You can even buy votive candles at the grocery store with an angel scent.
Center yourself. Take three deep breaths. Expanding your belly with air each time you breathe in.
State your intention.
Ask your Guide or Angel to communicate with you. You might make a statement like this, "Dear Spirit Guide or Angel, please guide me to draw the letters that spell your Spiritual Name, so that I might call specifically upon you for advice and help. Please provide this information in a way I can understand. (This will help if you happen to have a guide who lived in another country, or with angels whose vibrations are sometimes difficult to understand.)
Shake the bag and then reach into it and select a tile. Just reach for the one that feels right. Don't try tofind the right one. Write down the letter after you draw a tile, writing each letter in sequence. Allow your Higher Self guide you in how many tiles to draw from the bag.
After you have drawn all the tiles and written them down. You can also add EL at the end of the sequence as many angelic names have that suffix.
Add whatever vowels feel right for you. For example, if you have drawn G, B, and R, add el so that you have GBREL. Now choose the vowels that seem to make sense to you. Don't over think it. Go with what comes up in your mind and don't forget you may need to sound it out for the name to make sense.

Once you have mastered drawing for your Spirit Guides and Angels names (Most people have several.) Try asking questions. For example: "Which of my angels will be working with me today?""What Spirit Guide should I call upon for help with ____"

As you work with the tiles, conversing with your guides and angels will become easier. Your questions and answers will become more complex and before you know it, you'll be in full communication.

A Fifth Generation Psychic, LILLIE RUBY has been a Professional Energy Channel and Clairvoyant for the past 3 decades. She is surrounded by a band of angels known as The Chorus and guided by a Throne called Hannius who help and guide during her work. For more information on LILLIE'S Angelic channeling go to her website [http://www.lillieruby.org]

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