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What  you will  need:

a black human figure candle  (male or femail,, according to the sex of your enemy)
a packet of dried blackberry leaves
a piece of black cloth
a length of black thread
a hammer
a shovel or trowel to dig a hole
 Goofer Dust or Graveyard Dirt
Crossing Oil or Hot Foot Oil
Begin on a Saturday.
Name the figural candle or statue with
the name of your enemy by carving the enemy's name in the

Wrap the
candle or statuette all over with the dried spiny leaves of
blackberry vines. Lay this mess on the piece of black cloth,
wrap it up, and tie the bundle closed with black thread.

Now, in your most angry voice, tell the person what it is
you want to send back to them and then hit the packet 3
times with a hammer. Hit it really hard, to break it.

Each day for 7 days tell the figure what you want to send
back to him or her and hit the packet 3 hammer blows. By
the end of the 7 days, it should be pretty well pulverized.

When you are finished, take the bundle outdoors (to a
cemetery if you can), dig a deep hole, throw the packet in,
and cover it up. Walk away and don't look back.

Important not to look back....
To make the work stronger, you may also dress the candle or
statue first with Crossing Oil or Hotfoot Oil and you may
add Goofer Dust or Graveyard Dirt to the blackberry
leaves, but not too much, because you want that figure feel
the spiny leaves as it is crushed up in them by the hammer