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 Voodoo Spell to Break a Curse 1

On three consecutive days take a bath with 1/2 a cup of sea salt in the bath water. Make sure the water is only luke warm and pray the Lords Prayer and the Shepards Psalm over the water in the tub three times each before you get in. As you soak in the tub think of all the evil and bad luck leaving you and ask the Creator to forgive you for any bad thing you have ever done. Stay in the tub until it empties and visualise all the bad energy leaving you as the tub drains.


Voodoo Spell to Break a Curse 2

On the first night of the waxing moon, gather the following ingredients:

On paper, write the full name and birthdate (if known) of the person who has cursed you. Place the paper in the center of the bag. One at a time, add the herbs, covering the slip of paper. Next, take the lit candle and drip 5-10 drops of wax over the paper and hex breaker powder and hot curry powder.

Visualize the person who has cursed you and say their name aloud three times while tying the bag shut with the knotted string.

Now Pray: "Jesus, I ask you to send your angels now to completely disarm all curses and black arts from me; disarm their every device and render them destroyed. I ask your angels to remove all foul spirits involved in these curses and black arts and bind them to your feet for judgment." The final step is to bury the bag someplace on the property of the person who cursed you. After burying it, walk away from it and DO NOT LOOK BACK.  The bag must remain there undisturbed


Voodoo Spell to Break a Curse 3

At midnight, when the Moon is in a waning phase, take a blood root [Sanguinaria Canadensis] (a favorite Voodoo root used for breaking all evil spells and hexes) and throw it onto the doorstop of the person who has placed the curse upon you. You will then be released from his or her hex/curse and it will immediately be turned back to the sender of the curse.

NOTE Bloodroot is also known as 
red root, red indian paint, tetterwort, indian paint, indian plant, pauson, red paint root, red puccoon, red root, paucon, coon root, snakebite, sweet slumber

NOTE Bloodroot is rather expensive, but there are extracts available at a reasonable price that might be utilized in a curse removal spell.


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