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 3 Truth Spells For Divining The Truth About Various Situations


 Males dominated most cultures and their word was command to the women of the household as well as to the children. People felt powerless and they often used persuasion and influence spells instead of bringing up conflicting issues with arrogant people. It sounds like a cowardly way of doing things, but in the old days, there was no police, no divorce courts and no children's welfare departments. Abuse was common and the fear of shaming the family kept most people silent about crimes.

It was in this environment that truth Divination and similar spells were derived. Here are some samples:

First prepare Commanding (Compelling oil)
Gather some sweet flag (calamus) and licorice. Also collect Vetiver, Oil of Bergamot. Blend the calamus and licorice to a powder and mix with Castor oil and Jojoba oil. Mix in some oil of Bergamot for more potency.

Hoodoo Truth Candle Spell
Gather the following:
Purple candle, Brown paper and pen,.

On a day when the moon is in its waxing phase, write down the person's name nine times on the paper. Cross over the nine names with your own name, in a crisscross manner. Place the paper on a table and stand the lighted candle on it. When you light the candle, chant: I command you, I compel you!
I command you, I complet you!
(person) Tell me the truth!
Burn the candle for seven days an inch or so at a time. After the seven days, scrape up the leftovers and dispose it off at the crossroads near your home.

Truth Spell
Get a yellow candle and place it in a safe location in your bedroom. Dress it with the commanding and compelling oil. Light the candle and verify that there are no flammable materials near it and that it is on a safe base for support such as a ceramic, metal or glass dish.

Light the candle and watching the flame, chant:
Show me the truth
By the power of three
I conjure thee
Give the truth to me.

When you wake up in the morning, write down everything you dreamt that night.
The truth will be found in the dream.

Spell to find your true friend
Gather some basil leaves, lemon and pea, bay leaves, cinnamon sticks, hibiscus flowers and dragon's blood. Get a blue candle.

Get a fluorite stone for dream divination. Place the fluorite stone by the altar, light the candle and sit by it in meditation. Grind the herbs one by one.

As you take the herbs one by one and add them to the mix, imagine the power of each herb coursing through your body. Throw some of the herbs to the wind, burn some on a charcoal pit, mix a portion of it with some water, and bury the rest in the earth (or a potted plant).


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