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Hoodoo Love Tarot Reading  Saint Anthony Love Spell

 Buy a statue or card of the saint (or print out one) and write out your request. To be sure you’re going to get what you desire most (get a boyfriend/girlfriend) you should take baby Jesus away from his arms saying you’ll only give him back when you have your beloved one in your arms. Some people don’t take baby Jesus away but put Saint Anthony’s image inside the fridge, freezer or upside down inside a glass instead.

On the morning of the 12th of June buy one meter of any blue ribbon and write the full name of the beloved person on it. At night you should look at the sky and count seven stars without pointing at them. Ask the saint for his help. On the next day tie the ribbon at the saint’s feet and leave it there till you find your better half.

Tie two ribbons around Saint Anthony’s arm – a red and a white one. Ask for a boyfriend, husband, girlfriend – whatever you prefer –  and then say a prayer and hang the picture upside down under your bed. Only turn the image upright when you find that special person.