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Hoodoo Love Tarot Reading Spicy Hot Love on Your Doorstop

Cinnamon  can really get things moving, and is used in lots of different  spells. You should gather up:

• 3 drops rose oil
• 3 drops lavender oil
• Whole cinnamon sticks
• Orris root pieces
• Rosemary
• 3 cups of rain water or spring water

The exact amount of herbs aren't important, as long as you have a little bit of each one in somewhat even proportions. Just a few pinches is fine. Pour everything together in a bowl and stir it around. Think about the spicy sweet heat of the cinnamon, and the passion you want to bring into your life.

Sprinkle the water around on your front doorstep, with your fingers. Not just the step, but flick your fingers to spray a bit on the frame and walkway as well (this may not work well if you live in an apartment). You don't necessarily have to use all the water, but don't be stingy with it either. It needs to be sprayed around, not just poured out.