Texas Hoodoo hoodoo conjure rootwork

Hoodoo Love Tarot Reading Lover Call Me Spell.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Matches, glass cup, natural spring or river water, Bible turned to Psalm 40, a washcloth with a circle cut in the middle, a picture of your lover, a picture of a phone or some other representation of a phone. Spell should be done first thing in the morning, as soon as you wake up. The earlier the better. Dawn is BEST.

How to create the altar: Pour the water in the glass. Put the cloth over the glass making sure that the hole is in the middle of the glass. Put the picture of your lover along with the other items. Have your Bible turned to Psalm 40. Say "(name of lover) I bid you to call me in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit." Repeat 3 times and light one match.. Then say "In the name of the father, (name of lover) I bid you come to me. Quickly drop the match into the water. Then concentrate on the lover. Light another match, now say, "In the name of the Son, (name of lover) I bid you come to me. Drop the match in the water. Concentrate. Lastly, "In the name of the Holy spirit, (name of lover) I bid you to call me. Drop match.

Read the Psalm 40 in a whisper and visualize your lover. 


Petition St. Expedite for speedier results for this spell. Do this each morning. Your lover should speak to you before the 27th day. If petitioning him, you should print out a picture of him and place him on the altar. A verse in the Bible says, "do not delay." St Expedite is reknown for quick action and is the patron of fast work and no procrastination.

Texas Noodoo Note: St Expedite doesn't work with everyone.  However, should you petition him and he comes through for you, his payment is flowers and a pound cake --- and he should be paid right away!!!

Petition Oshun, the orisha of love, fertility, the rivers. Her number is 5 and her color is yellow.  If petitioning her, you may add a yellow candle in her honor. Also, the water that is offered should DEFINITLY be river water. Print out a picture of her and put it on the altar.