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Hoodoo Spell to Find Love and a Marriage Partner == Love and Romance Spell of the Archangel Saint Raphael == To Promote Happy Romantic Meetings! 


Red candle
Pink candle
Barbie and Ken-like dolls (or 2 of the same gender, depending on your sexual orientation)
Adam and Eve Oil or Love Me Oil
rose buds
Target's picture (if you have a particular person in mind)
(other wise a piece of paper in which you have written "my soulmate" on it)
A picture or statue of St Raphael
A pink cloth
Shoe box
Pink magick marker

Find a quiet place where you can turn out all the lights and be undisturbed.
Anoint your 2 candles with Adam and Eve oil and surround the base of your candles with rose buds on the platter or candle holder.
Inscribe the Red Candle with "Strong Attraction"
Inscribe the Pink Candle with "True Love"
Sprinkle either Adam and Eve Oil or Love Oil on your dolls
If your dolls have removable heads and are hollow, put a few rose buds in them.
Place your Barbie and Ken doll (or do 2 of same sex depending on the gender you are trying to attract) in between the 2 candles.
Also, make sure that your picture or statue of St Raphael is on the altar too.
As you light your candles, pray to St. Raphael for a soulmate
When the candles have burned down, wrap your Ken and Barbie couple up in the pink cloth and tie up the cloth around them.
Put them in the shoe box together and write "Soulmates Forever" on the top of the shoe box.
Place it underneath your bed.

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