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Hoodoo Love Tarot ReadingDouble Poppet Spell

Poppets are common in many forms of hoodoo magic, and this spell will help you find the love of your life. You may have to search around a little for Adam and Eve root. Many online occult shops will carry it.

• 2 pieces of Adam and Eve root
• A black poppet
• A red poppet
• Catnip
• Vervain
• Red and black string or yarn

For the herbs, you just need a few pinches of each. You have to make a small felt or cloth figure that you can stuff, one in black and one in red. They don't need to be very large. As you make them, put one piece of Adam and Eve root in each one and some of the other herbs. Make sure they are sew tightly shut so the herbs don't leak out.

If you've added faces to your poppets, they need to be placed facing each other for this spell. Place the two poppets together, and tie them once with red yarn and once with black. Keep the knots tight. Place this charm on your windowsill during the night of the full moon, and leave it there until the next full moon. Love will soon come calling.