Texas Hoodoo hoodoo conjure rootwork


Hoodoo Love Tarot ReadingDominate YOUR Man


by Engo Brillumba




·         Urine

·         Jar

·         Honey

·         Brown Piece of Paper

·         Saliva

·         Cloves

·         Sugar

·         Picture of the person you want to dominate

·         Piece of underclothes

·         Yellow Candles

·         Imagine of Our Lady of Charity

Here is another spell that my mom taught me and it's a real good one when you have a man that is out of control or that is cheating on you.


The first thing you need to do is make sure that in the morning before you brush your teeth or speak with anyone that you collect 7 saliva spits and your urine.  Do not speak to anyone while you are doing this or eat anything, you are to collect the urine and saliva.

Once you have this in the jar, take a brown bag and write the name of the person you want to dominate 7 xs and your name on top and write "Dominate, Do As I Say, Come to Me, I can, you can't, LOVE ME, you will have eyes and heart desires for me and only me." 

Take the paper with the name and fold towards you (try to fold towards you 5 times) and place it in the urine asking Our Lady of Charity to dominate the person's heart and bring to you.  Then take the pictures write the names and date of birth for both on the back of each picture.  With your finger taste the honey and say "it's sweet and pure", (the reason you taste the honey is because Our Lady of Charity (Ochun) loves honey and was tricked with honey, so you have to taste before giving her some).  Now dip the finger again in honey and put a cross on the face of the person you want to dominate.  Make 5 crosses with the honey on the person.  One cross on eye area "say you will only have eyes and no one else, while applying the cross of honey.  Cross two on the heart say "you will only have a heart for me and only me and will love no other." Cross three the private parts " you will have no desire for no other but for me" Cross Four the head, say "you will only think of me and only me".  Cross Five the mouth, " you will not speak or desire any other but me." 


Once you  have the crosses with honey take your picture and place on top of the person you are trying to dominate.  Then take your "DIRTY" underpants (small piece) and tie the picture with your underpants.  While tying say, "I make this knot to tie you to my heart, and you will not desire any other but me".


Place in the jar with urine etc.  Now take the rest of honey and pure over it and say "Same way honey is sweet that is how sweet you (say person's name will be sweet with me.  You will not desire no other woman/man but me." 


Sprinkle sugar on top and say the same thing, as you said above.  Place 5 cloves inside and close the jar.  Shake the jar a bit and light the candle to Our Lady of Charity.  You have to petition her to help you dominate the person and sweeten him/her up for you.  Shake the jar and light the candle for 5 days consecutively.  On the last day after candle burns out you can put it in a dark corner of your closet way up high. 


Some people bury these, but my mom said you had to have one in your house where the person or anyone saw it and whenever the person got out of control you will go and shake the jar up and light a candle to Our Lady of Charity.  Now it's best to have an imagine of her if you can find one.  She is a very good Patron to have in the home.  You can offer her something like sunflower, yellow flowers, honey(taste before giving to her), yellow candles, pumpkin, or oranges.