Texas Hoodoo hoodoo conjure rootwork


Hoodoo Divination

Simple two-dice divination by question: situational, personal, prophetic

(A work in progress)

Know as you ask whether you seek insight into the situation, insight into a personality, or prophetic guidance. Roll on a small cloth or within a large circle drawn on a piece of paper with a single white candle burning. In silence, shake the dice:

 For prophetic queries in the dominant (masculine/projective/active) hand, which is usually the right hand;

For personality queries in the submissive (feminine/receptive/passive) hand, which is usually the left hand;

For situational queries in both hands cupped together.

Concentrate silently on nothing but the question before you roll, and speak the question as you roll. Only roll once per query and meditate on the response; interpret the answers given in relation to the question. Don’t second-guess or re-roll for a given question.

Basic Interpretation Key


Situation: Duality, balance, partnership.

 Personal: intuitive, adaptable, new beginnings.

 Prophetic: Intuition alone will give foresight.


 Situation: growth, dominance, fertility.

 Personal: optimistic, joyful, satisfaction.

 Prophetic: Goals are attainable if attitude is optimistic


Situation: limitations, compromise, stability.

 Personal: diplomatic, calm, haggling.

 Prophetic: Progress is only possible through compromise


Situation: communication issues, flexibility

 Personal: versatile, clever, and decisive.

 Prophetic: The solution is only found in ingenuity.


Situation: love, financial prosperity, involvement in art or literature.

 Personal: loving, prosperous, emotionally stable.

 Prophetic: Love and emotional wellbeing are paramount tithe situation.


Situation: unseen and/or spiritual factors, sacrifice to survive.

 Personal: mysterious, much more than is easily seen.

 Prophetic: Dreams and the spirit world are most significant to the situation, more than has been realized.


Situation: longer-term problem, deep roots.

 Personal: reserved, prudent, finances.

 Prophetic: A decision must be made and executed with patience


Situation: strife, new developments, completion approaching.

 Personal: rough, decisive, perfectionist.

 Prophetic: Aggressive action is called for.


Situation: change, cycles ending and beginning, loose ends being tied up.

 Personal: mystic, cyclical, apparent waffling.

 Prophetic: Now is the time to finish the old and start the new.


Situation: Decision is essential, conflict in discussion, sacrifice to succeed.

 Personal: unrelenting, perfectionistic, absolute, pain, sacrifice.

 Prophetic: There is only one possible end and it must be brought to pass.


Situation: chaos, at the end of the line, exhausted and unable to continue.

 Personal: Unsure, insecure, troubled beyond hope.

 Prophetic: Help is needed from other people, you cannot do it yourself