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Dice Divination
If you want a very basic prediction for the next week of your life, may try the Dice Divination. The dice divination starts by drawing circle with a diameter of seven inches and cast three dice into it.Two dice are thrown into the centre of the circle. If any of the dice drops out of the circle, the answerfrom the dice is not counted. The total of the dice that come to rest inside the circle give the caster thefollowing interpretations. If both dice are out of the circle, you are only allow to try one more time. If both dice drop out of the circle the second time, stop divination as it is not a favourable time to know the answer. Unlike interpreting tarot cards or tealeaves, dice divination requires little intuition. When you feel too tired or distracted to connect with your imagination and intuition.

-Don'tcast and interpret the dice more than three times in a day. It is bad luck and it may backfire on you. It is not recommended to attempt dice divination on a Monday or Wednesday.

Dice Divination How-To: --
Think of your question as you mix the dice in your hands. Cast the dice into the circle. Should any dice roll outside of the circle or fall to the floor then the following interpretations can be used.

1 dice outside the circle
Difficulties or an upset
2 dice outside the circle
Arguments or disagreements
3 dice outside the circle
Luck or a wish to come true
Any dice on the floor
Problems, worry or annoyance very soon

Changes in current circumstances soon.
Expect unpleasantness of some kind like arguments or disagreement.
aspiration plans or desire will be fulfilled. A wish will be granted.
A loss of some kind is forecast, probably of money issue.
Possible difficulties in business, money troubles, gossip and so on.
A lack of thought may lead to difficult or distress.
A marriage or unions.
Expect career advancement or arrival of a new life, or new project on your way.
Someone close will part with you for a short period.
You will receive an importance message.
Disappointment, misery or sorrow.
Assistance from someone close.
Be careful in what you say and do to prevent difficulties.
A beneficial and pleasant journey.
A change in plans may soon be necessary.
Luck and successful, a wish will be obtained.

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