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Using Incense and Sage  in Your Home to Cleanse It

INCENSEstick incense for smudging

Choose a purifying and spiritually high vibration incense to burn throughout the house, especially where you’ve created your sacred space and your altar.  Sage, Copal, Dragon’s Blood, and Frankincense are all exellent incenses to keep on hand (always keep a good stock) and to do your spiritual clearing.  You will burn the incense starting from the back of your home to the front.  While passing the incense throughout your place – softly speak out loud verbally, calling upon your Guardian Angel Spirit, your ancestor spirits, any Higher Beings or Protective Spirits to come and cleanse your space of anything that is not serving your highest purpose or destiny.  Then ask that your beneficial spirits bring vibrations that are in light, peace, happiness, love, etc.  Incense is also used to help you relax and focus upon your desired outcome.  It can also be burned to dispel bad energy or to attract good energy.





sage bundle for smudgingSAGE

Supplies: A smudge stick (I prefer white sage), a dish, ashtray or shell to catch the ashes, matches or a lighter and a feather. . The dish should be something that you don't mind getting dirty. I prefer using a shell since it's a natural item and is traditional in Native American societies.

If you are smudging an entire home for the first time, as part of the preparation, make sure you open all the shades and curtains on all windows and open all doors including the closets. Adjust your furniture allowing you to easy move around the home.

Light the sage, then blow out the flame so the smudge stick is smoking, placing it into the dish.  I start in the farthest room from the front door. Enter the room and go to the farthest corner to begin. Fan the smoke against the walls while saying an affirmation. There are no wrong prayers or affirmations and depending on the circumstance I have used the following:

Moving clockwise around in the room, fan the smoke with your feather.  Continue your smudging; outlining the walls, corners, ceilings each door and window frame, from bottom left, to top left, across from top left to right then top right to bottom right. Do not forget to smudge inside the closets. Once the  whole  outside of the room is smudged, finish smudging the room by going to the center of the room then smudge the door to enter, both inside and outside the room. Then smudge the hallway and move to the next room, until the entire house has been smudged. 
Note: Remember to continue saying your affirmation during the smudging process.

Once you are done, your space should definitely feel lighter and cleaner.




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