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Limpias are to help people cleanse and get rid of negative spiritual work done on you or to figure out what is going on.

Limpias are specially prepared with flowers, herbs, leaves and a variety of plants that are attributed high energies and vibrations that you can use for your particular need such as  protection, prosperity, love, employment, banishing, money, etc...You can make your own herbal blend or you can buy them ready made.
Performing a limpia will discharge all bad energies and you will restore your strength, energy and concentration. A limpia can also be performed to draw in qualities you desire in your life.

Method 1. Pour your herbal bath mixture into a bath tub that has been filled three-quarters of the way with VERY HOT water (the hotter the better). Mix herbal mixture in well and allow water to cool off. Once water has been completely cooled slip in and soak for about 20 to 30 minutes. While soaking make sure to contemplate on your desired result. When done simply rinse off or shower. Catch loose herbs from drain to avoid being clogged. To strengthen results anoint four white household candles with an appropriate oil and place at four corners of bath tub and allow to burn while soaking in herbal bath mixture.

Method 2. Boil the herbal mix in 2 quarts of water. Strain the liquid and use it while bathing and reflect on your desires and needs.

Some examples of  common limpia herbal mixtures

7 Plantas - 7 Plants
7 Potencias - 7 African Powers
9 Plantas - 9 Plants
13 Plantas - 13 Plants
21 Plantas - 21 Plants
Abre Caminos - Open Road
Abundancia - Abundance
Albahaca - Basil
Amansa Guapo - Taming the Bully
Amor - Love
Arrasa con todo - Destroy Everything
Atrapa Suerte & Amor - Luck & Love Catch
Buena Suerte - Good Luck
Desenvolvimiento - Uncrossing
Destrancadera - Unlock
Dinero - Money
Espanta Muerto - Dispel Jinx
Mejorana - Marjoram
Menta - Mint
Quita Maldicion - Cast Off Evil
Rompe Brujeria - Job Breaker
Rompe Cadenas - Break Chains
Rompe Zaraguey
San Miguel - St. Michael
Santa Muerte - Holy Death
Ven a mi - Come to me
Vencedor - Winner

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