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Curanderismo Books - Mexico, Central and South America

  • Red Medicine, Traditional Indigenous Rites of Birthing and Healing, by Patrisia Gonzales
  • Meditations for InterSpiritual Wisdom: Practices and Readings drawn from the World's Spiritual Traditions - Chapter, "Entering the Flower World, a Mexican Path to the Soul," by Grace Alvarez Sesma gives instruction on Sun Meditation/Initiation.
  • Fire Heart, The Life and Teachings of Maya Medicine Woman Miss Beatrice Torres Waight
  • Curanderismo: Mexican American Folk Healing, Robert Trotter & Juan Antonio Chavira
  • Nuestra Medicina, by Estela Roman
  • Remedios: the Healing Life of Eva Castellanoz by Joanne Mulcahy
  • Zapotec Woman of the Clouds: The Life of the midwife-healer Enriqueta Contreras Contreras by Mary Margaret Navar
  • Healing with Herbs and Rituals: A Mexican Tradition, Eliseo Torres
  • Folk Healer: The Mexican-American Tradition of Curanderismo, Eliseo Torres
  • Woman Who Glows in the Dark: A Curandera Reveals Traditional Aztec Secrets of Physical and Spiritual Health, by Elena Avila, RN (QEPD)
  • Curandero Conversations: El Niño Fidencio, Shamanism and Healing Traditions of the Borderlands, Antonio Zavaleta and Alberto Salinas Jr.
  • Wind in the Blood: Mayan Healing & Chinese Medicine. Hernan Garcia, Antonio Sierra, Gilberto Balam, Jeff Conant, et al. 
  • Delfina Cuero: Her Autobiography, An Account of Her Last Years, and Her Ethnobotanic Contributions. Delfina Cuero (Kumeyaay elder) and Florence Connolly Shipek.
  • Sastun: One Woman's Apprenticeship with a Maya Healer. Arvigo, Rosita.
  • Spiritual Bathing: Healing Rituals and Traditions from Around the World, Arvigo, Rosita.
  • The Woman in the Shaman's Body: Reclaiming the Feminine in Religion and Medicine, Tedlock, Barbara.
  • Healing with Medicinal Plants of the West: Cultural and Scientific Basis for Their Use.  Cecilia Garcia and JD Adams. (Cecilia Garcia was a strong contemporary Chumash Medicine Woman living in Ensenada, BC. She joined the Ancestors in 2012. There is a lot of cross-cultural plant knowledge and usage between Baja California and Alta California Native peoples)
  • Temalpakh: Cahuilla Indian Knowledge and Usage of Plants. Lowell John Bean and Katherine S. Saubel. (Katherine S. Saubel, Cahuilla Medicine Woman and Activist, passed on in 2011.)
  •  An Aztec Herbal: The Classic Codex of 1552 (Botanical information compiled by Aztec physician Martin de la Cruz in that time period. Also known as the Codex De La Cruz - Badiano), William Gates.
  • Plant Spirit Medicine: The Healing Power of Plants, Cowan, Eliot.
  • The Medicine Bear – A Novel for Herbalists and Healers by Jesse Wolf Hardin (Publisher, Plant Healer Magazine)
  • Maria Sabina: Selections (Poets for the Millennium) by Maria Sabina and Jerome Rothenberg
  • Maria Sabina and Her Mushroom Velada (Ethno-mycological studies) by María Sabina
  • Curanderos: They Heal the Sick with Prayers and Herbs by Trevino-Hernandez, Alberto.
  • Curanderas, Medicine Women & Doctors by Bobette Perrone, H. Henrietta Stockel, Victoria Krueger. 
  • Mexican-American Folklore by John O. West
  • Infusions of Healing: A Treasury of Mexican American Herbal Remedies, by Joie Davidow
  • Latino Folk Medicine by Anthony DeStefano.
  • Homegrown Healing: Traditional Home Remedies from Mexico by Annette Sandoval
  • Border Healing Woman: The Story of Jewel Babb as told to Pat LittleDog by Jewel Babb
  • Native Mesoamerican Spirituality, by Miguel Leon-Portilla
  • The Broken Spears by Miguel Leon-Portilla (a translated version of the account of the conquest of Mexico from the Mexihca/Aztec's point of view, in their own words)




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