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A barrida is a spiritual sweeping designed to bring about relief of a physical, emotional, or spiritual discomfort.

A barrida is usually performed by someone within the family or a close acquaintance, but there are times when the barrida should be performed by a curandero or curandera.

The method is to have the person either stand or lay while an egg or lemon or lime is passed over the entire length of the body absorbing whatever evil or negative influence is present.

When going to a healer for a barrida, you should bring two raw white eggs, or two lemon or limes. The ritual only takes about five minutes.

The eggs or lemons or limes will be put into a jar of aqua preparado (prepared water) and kept on the altar for another week before being burned.

Sometimes a barrida may need to be repeated two more times to be totally effective.

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