Texas Hoodoo hoodoo conjure rootwork



Court Case Spell #1

by Engo Brillumba



Here is a spell that my mom showed me when I was very small, and to be honest she did it a lot for my brother whenever he had a court case.




·         Blue Bar of Soap

·         Glass Bowl

·         Piece of Brown Paper Bag

·         Names of Judge and others involved in case

·         Water

·         Red candles for Eleggua (St. Anthony)

·         Blue candles for Ochosi (St Norbert)

·         Recite Psalms 23 & 35

·         Little John Chew


Write the name of the Judge 7 times on the piece of brown paper bag and write the name of the person being accused or facing court on top of the name you just wrote.  Do a separate piece for the opposing lawyer and person accusing you. (You have to make 2 of each name because you have to put under each candle)




John Doe the Judge/dominate (write the name of person accused on top of each of these)

John Doe the Judge/dominate

John Doe the Judge/dominate

John Doe the Judge/dominate

John Doe the Judge/dominate

John Doe the Judge/dominate

John Doe the Judge/dominate


You can write on each piece of paper what you want to happen, "Win Court Case". 


Take the blue bar of soap and write the names of everyone involved in the case.  If possible write the names 7 xs each.  So, you have to make sure that the soap is big enough.


Fill the glass bowl up with tap cold water, and place the bar of soap inside.  This whole time you are doing this you are concentrating on the desire to win the case.  Asking Eleggua (St Anthony also known as Child of Atocha) to open the doors so the person is free and wins the case.   You will Ochosi (St Norbert) is the owner of prison so, you will be asking him to keep the person from losing and going to prison, in other words protect from going to prison.


You take the papers and put underneath the candles (make sure you put under candlestick).  If you can write the names of Judge/Lawyer and what you want on the candles.  Lite the candles and recite the prayers.  Once done ask them that they help you win the court case and say that the same way the soap dissolves that is how you want the court case to dissolve.  To help erase what is persecuting you or the person going to court, and to dissolve the bad negative thoughts that the judge and opposing lawyer has against you or whoever. So, speak your heart here.


You must continue lighting the candles and reciting prayers until the day of the court hearing.  On that day if the person can take a piece of the Little John Chew and either hold it in their hands or pockets touching it while the case is going on or chewing a small piece of it.  Once you win, take the water from bowl and soap and throw at a crossroad.  My mom was brave and she would through it in front of the courthouse, but if you think that is risking it don't do it and throw in crossroad. 


Trust me my brother got into some really bad stuff and she always used this spell.  The most important part of this spell is to have FAITH IN ALL YOU DO!!!


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