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Novenas in Hoodoo

What is a Novena? A novena is a series of prayers that are said for nine straight days, usually as a prayer of petition but sometimes as a prayer of thanksgiving. A novena is a devotion consisting of prayer said (most typically) on nine successive days, asking to obtain special graces.

What are the different kinds of Novenas? There are four recognized categories of Novenae, those of mourning, preparation, prayer, and those which are indulgenced, however, a given novena can belong to more than one of these categories.

How are novenas prayed? These may consist of prayer booklets, recitation of the Rosary, or small prayers through the day.

Who are Novenas addressed to? Jesus, The Holy Trinity, Mary, Angels, Saints.

Where can I find novenas? Here are some internet sources for novena prayers.






What about Novena Candles?  These are the tall glass novena candles, also called vigil candles, vigil lights, sanctuary lights, or devotional candles. some are plain and unmarked, others have pictures of saints on them. Most novena candles last 4-5 days, so you in reality need two novenas in order to complete the actual novena.  Novena candles come in tall, glass jars, and many have labels with specific saints on them.  They also have that saint's prayer, so they are doubly useful.  You can choose which saint you want to petition, according to your requests, read the prayer often as long as the candle is burning, and if you have Faith your request maybe granted.  Novena candles are used in the Catholic religion, but they also widely known in the Santeria circle as well as to the Hoodoo workers.  It's up to you to find which candle you need. Glass novena candles were first used in Catholic religious devotions known as “novenas”–9 day prayer rituals with the intention of seeking the aid and building a relationship with a specific saint usually for a specific purpose. There are several steps involved in preparing your devotional candle. These are: write a petition, “fixing” the candle, setting the candle, reading the candle, and ritually disposing of the candle. 

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