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Four Ways God Answers Our Prayers

By Wisdom Emamuzo Peter  |  

It is an established fact that God answers prayers. This is why the psalmist said, "O thou that hearest prayer, unto thee shall all flesh come" (Psalm 65: 2). And because God answers our prayers, we are never tired praying to Him. Actually it is good to pray to God would not store your prayers but return them to you in the answered form.

However I have found out that while many people are crawling in the mountain of prayers, not many people know how God answers their prayers. And because of this, some people stay long in their prayers, others continue on the prayers that have been answered by God. Again, most people out of frustration discontinue their prayers with the conclusion that God is not willing to answer their prayers or their previous sins have barricaded their answers.

In this brief teaching let share with you four out of the many ways God answers our prayers so that the joy and hope needed in prayers would be restored in the hearts of many. However, I must emphasize that God answers prayers (Psalm 99; 6 - 8).

1. God answers our prayers by giving us instructions, ideas or telling us what to do
The first way God answers our prayers is by giving us instructions. He may not give us the answer in the 'physical or finished form', but tell us what to do in order to have the finished form of our prayers. Lack of this understanding has may many people not to have received the answers to their prayers. In John 2, we were told that the marriage party Jesus went ran out of drink and so, the mother of Jesus came to Him for a solution. Later, she made a profound statement to the servants of the ceremony. She said, "whatsoever he saith unto you, do it". And accordingly, Jesus told them to fill the water-pots with water and serve the governor of the feast from it.

Now, they needed wine not what water or instruction. Again, they prayed but Jesus never gave them wine out-rightly. He simply told them what to do. And as they did, they got the wine they were looking for, and a better one for that matter.

Whenever, you pray, be sensitive to the instructions, ideas and nudging of God in your heart. Until you are able to get the instructions and act upon it, the answer will never come.

2. God answers our prayers by sending us people.
The second way God answers our prayers is by sending us people who would be instrument to make the answer a reality. But because most times we don't know this, we miss out of the answers to our prayers. Be careful on how you deal with the people God bring your way, they may be the answers to your prayers in human form.

Those days, there was a strong famine in Israel and there was a widow who was ready to die with her only son after their last meal. Again, there was a man of God who also was experiencing the famine, although has not meal to eat before dying. As the whole nation stare at the destructive famine, something prompted the widow and the prophet to pray without separately. They have never met nor did they know each other or stay in the same town. But something happened to their prayers, God answered them.

God answered the prophet by telling him to go to Zarephath because He has commanded a widow woman there to sustain him (instruction). The woman in turn went to fetch wood to make the meal when she met the prophet. After greeting, the prophet asked for food from her. Thankfully, she gave, and according to the prophecy of the prophet, the 'last' meal lasted enough to take care of her, the son, and the prophet the many months the famine lasted.

God answered the prophet by telling him what to do. God answered the woman by sending the prophet. If the woman did not recognise the prophet as the answer to her prayers should have died with her son. There are some people God sends our way. Be care they are the answers to your prayers. You must learn to recognise them and develop the required relationship that would make the answer a reality.

3. God answers our prayers by giving us sign
Thirdly, God answers our prayers by giving us sign. But we must learn to interpret it in line to God's Word, purpose and what we have previously prayed about.

As the people of Israel prayed for the promised messiah, Isaiah told them that God would give them a sign, and the sign is, a virgin will conceive and bring forth a man-child. With this sign, they would know who the messiah would be. And truly, Jesus was born by a virgin woman.

Whenever we pray, God may desire to give us signs that would link us to the answers to the prayers we have prayed. But because many people don't care to look around and observe the signs around them, they miss out of the answers God has provided for their prayers. Please be watchful and be sensitive to recognise the signs that are pregnant with the answers to your prayers.

4. God answers our prayers by creating a circumstance that we have the abilities to handle
Another way God may answer our prayer is by bring us into a situation which in collaboration with His Spirit, we can handle. At times after prayers, you find yourself in some situations that you would ordinarily want to avoid. But by avoiding the situation, you miss out of the answer. You ability to know what to do, and discover your ability to handle the situation brings the answer to your prayers.

The situation may be that of helping somebody who in-turn will help you in future or solving a problem in your office that would result to your promotion. It may be a situation that only you can handle. Don't run away, it may be the answer to the prayers you have been praying.

But, beloved, all these ways lead to the answer. They are not the answer in themselves. They would only bring the answer when you take the right step with them. Be sensitive to God's instruction after prayers. Be watchful of the people that come your way. Recognise the signs around you, and also be careful to respond positively and wisely according to Scriptural demands in any situation you find yourself after prayers. They would lead you to the answers God has packaged for you.

By Wisdom Emamuzo Peter

Wisdom is the author of several books including "I am the Vine, Ye are the Branches" "The Power of the Praying Students". You can contact Wisdom at; petermamuzowisdom@yahoo.com or +2348032940336

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