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Texas Hoodoo Voodoo Doll Spells

by Frank M Stevens

copyright 2011 Frank M Stevens

There are two ways of using your Voodoo Doll: It's either you use it in a positive way or negative way. But then again, I firmly discourage using the latter. As I have mentioned in my other articles, the consequences are not desirable when you inflict harm on others.

Although most people associate Voodoo Dolls with negative spells, there are actually good spells. In this article, I will be showing you these good spells to help you and those around you.

Okay, let's go to Spell Number 1. I call this spell the Good Luck Spell. For this spell, you'll need a Voodoo doll to represent yourself in whatever color you think appropriate --- a white candle, a black candle and a green candle.

Hold the doll that represents you and say: "I am this doll and this doll is me. I name you (state your name)." Light the black candle and say: "This candle represents all the bad luck and negative energy surrounding me. As I light this candle and the candle burns, so shall the bad luck and negativity leave me."

Light the white candle and say: "May light and healing surround me." Light the green candle and say: "This is the positive energy coming my way, good luck in matters of money, love, and employment (and whatever else you want luck in)."

Sit quietly for a while, holding the doll and visualize bad luck dissolving before your eyes and being replaced by only good, positive things. When the candles have burned down completely, the spell is done.

The second spell is to be used for people who cannot find their lovers. It's called the Twenty-Seven Day Paper Voodoo Doll Spell.

1. Cut out a paper Voodoo doll.

2. Write your lover's name on the paper Voodoo doll nine times.

3. Cross over each name with your own.

4. Place the paper Voodoo doll in a saucer or plate and cover it with sugar.

5. Stick a blue birthday candle in the center of the sugar, make a wish and burn the candle, but don't blow it out. Keep the dish with the sugar, paper Voodoo doll, and any wax drippings.

6. Add a fresh birthday candle the next day. Repeat for a total of nine days - nine blue birthday candles in total.

7. If your lover is not back by the ninth day, burn the sugar and the paper.

8. Start again the next day, repeating the entire 9 day ritual with fresh materials. If your lover is not back, burn the materials again.

9. Try it again for another nine days.

Three times is the charm. If your lover is not back after repeating this ritual three times, he or she won't be and it is best to move on.

The third spell will be for those who are wishing luck for money. It's called the Voodoo Doll Money Spell.

For this spell you will need:

Voodoo doll
green flannel cloth
3 old pennies, 3 dimes, 3 quarters (or, three each of three denominations of your country's coin currency, if outside the United States)
3 cinnamon sticks
3 cloves
3 whole allspice
1 whole nutmeg
gold bell
straight pin with green head
three pieces of candy


Wrap all of the items in green flannel and attach it to your voodoo doll. Then, wrap more of the cloth all around the Voodoo doll sealing in the items. Attach the gold bell to the outside of your Voodoo doll with a straight pin with a green head.

Begin shaking the doll with your non-dominant hand (the one you do not write with) for nine minutes while repeating these or similar words:

"Legba, open the door and clear my path. Bring me money and opportunities to make money. Remove all obstacle to wealth for me. For this favor I will pay you with these sweet candies. Thank you Papa, for all of your help."

Go to a crossroads somewhere and toss three pieces of candy in the center as an offering to Legba for helping you. When you return home, place the money spell voodoo doll on a table somewhere in your house.

Leave your purse, pocketbook, wallet, and/or checkbook near the doll when at home. Allow money to come into your life.

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