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Texas Hoodoo Texas Hoodoo Conjure and Rootwork --- curses and hexes

How do we identify the presence of  curses and hexes: If a person is plagued with any of the following, then such a person needs to understand that he or she is under a curse or hex.

Using Divination to Find Out if You Have Been Cursed:

1. Pendulum Method: On a piece of paper, draw a cross. One the line going up and down, write "no" at either end.  On the line going from left to right, write "yes" on either end.  Light 4 white candles and say a prayer of protection. The direction in which your pendulum moves determines whether you are cursed or not.  If  your pendulum swings in a circle, the answer is undetermined and so you need to try later.

2.  Tarot or Playing Card Method:

This method uses the same principle as a Tarot deck, but uses a normal deck of playing cards. If you want to use Tarot cards, remove the Major Arcana and use the same method with the remainder).

  1. Sit down with a deck of playing cards. Take the jokers out and set them aside.
  2. Shuffle the cards slowly, not using the normal method of card-game shuffling. Shuffle intently and focus on all of the reasons why you think you are cursed, remembering everything that has occurred. After a few minutes of this, focus on your question: "Is what is happening to me the result of a curse?" After a little while of this, stop shuffling.
  3. Deal out the cards in this fashion: start pulling cards from the top and laying them out in a pile. If you pull an ace or reach a stack of ten, stop.
  4. Do this three times for a total of three stacks. You will end up with 0-3 aces.
  5. If you have zero aces, you are not cursed (yay!). If you have one, there is a one in three (33.3%) chance you are cursed, two aces a two in three chance (66.6%) and three aces means you are definitely cursed (99.9%).

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