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Tangle Art HamsaGood Luck and Protection With Hamsa-Hand Of God

By Viv Mor | Submitted On June 09, 2012

First, let us see the different names for the Hand; you will hear people call it:

Hamsa, Hamza, Hand Of God, Open Hand Of God. The meaning of the word Hamsa is the number "Five," from the Arabic language. "HAMESH," is also the number "Five" in the Hebrew language. The shape of the pendant should look just like an open hand with five fingers.

The Hamsa-Hand can be worn by all.

The size is never important; it could be Small, Medium or Large. It could be made out of Gold or Silver, with diamonds or without, it will still be very powerful. Some wear it as a pendant necklace around the neck or as a charm for a bracelet or as earrings or rings. Some individuals will pin it to their clothes or to a baby crib or a baby stroller. If you just opened a new business, such as a store or a hair salon, you could hang it next to the cash register to promise good luck and protection. If you moved to a new home, you could hang a Hand-Hamsa, just as some would hang a Horseshoe, for good luck and protection. Many choose to hang it on each door frame of the house.

The word is also being used verbally, for example, if I am walking with my new born baby, someone will comment and say "your baby is so pretty," I will reply "Hamsa! Hamsa!" or just say it in my heart, this way my baby will be protected. The mom to be should always wear it to protect the unborn baby and herself from other's harm and bad wishes.

For many many years and generations, people believed in the power of the symbol, these people being mostly from the Middle East. In today's world, more and more people have started wearing and believing in the Hamsa-Hand. The bad economy is causing people all over the world to lose their homes, have no money for food, have no jobs or even having to work unfortunate jobs to provide for their family. Parents are finding themselves saying no to almost everything their child asks for; however, when they wear the Hand they feel protected and hopeful that their life will one day improve and be full of everything they've once asked for.

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