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Do you feel cursed, hexed or jinxed? If yes, then how can you remove it? Will a curse/hex/jinx removal spell work? How can you remove it using hoodoo?

Sometimes, things get so bad, where everything we do seems to go wrong, that we often feel that we are cursed. Similarly, when people suffer a run of bad luck, they sometimes feel that they are cursed by something, or someone.

Curses are actually quite common, a lot more common than people think. There are actually two kinds of curses; ancestral curses- which are where an ancestor has been cursed and it had been passed down through the generations in the DNA, and then there are curses where they have been directed at you.

People might perceive that they are cursed, either in life generally, or in specific areas of their life, such as finances, or love. They may think that there's a general hex on them, put on them by Nature, God, the Devil or the Universe. Some people believe that a person might be responsible.

Such a belief that you are cursed, jinxed or hexed might be born of a feeling, or it might be as a result of actually hearing or reading such a curse put upon them, from the person responsible.

When people say bad things, it can have a profound psychological effect. If, for example, someone says they will curse you, or hope you suffer bad luck, it can be upsetting, and can affect your life. This is so, even if they have no power to inflict any such thing.

A Curse/Hex/Jinx Removal Working, using time honored hoodoo ways, will do 2 things immediately:

* Help remove and dispel any negative energy present.
* Make you feel empowered, strengthened and protected.

How you can reverse or remove a curse:

1. Read Scripture every day

2. Take a Salt Bath or 13 Herb Uncrossing Bath

3. Sage/Cleanse/Purify your home with white sage and camphor

4. Regular Meditation and prayer

5. Basic Hoodoo Protection Rituals 

6. Proper Disposal of the Cursed Item

7.  Seek the help and advice of a professional spiritual (hoodoo) worker


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